The Curse of the Tech Gods

by Keep The Gap

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released September 15, 2011

Recorded by Marcos Monnerat at Conquista Records
Mixed by Marcos Monnerat
Mastered by Alberto Ortiz at Jungle Sound Studios



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Keep The Gap San José, Costa Rica

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Track Name: The Curse of the Tech Gods
I told you once, I told you twice
Why can’t you hear me?
I tried, but everything went wrong
I’m just trying to work here
I tried, but everything went wrong
I said it loud, I said it clear
Why won’t you hear me?
I tried, but everything went wrong
It’s just like it’s not meant to be tonight

Why can’t we, why can’t we just be?
Why can’t it be easy?
It should be easy to let it out
And just let it flow
It all went wrong, nothing got done
All just thanks to the curse of the tech gods
Track Name: It's Funny Because It's True
Hey, what did you hear me say?
Hey, why don’t you go away?
Hey, you never give me the time of day, I think I’ll stay
I wanna try this my way

Come on baby, tell me what’s your story
How’d you end up being all this boring?
How did you come to this after all that glory?
I wanna know how does anyone become so sorry

Oh, why don’t you let me go?
Oh, I don’t like to say no
Oh, do you always put up this show? I wanna know
‘Cause it certainly seems so

Tell me baby, why’d you have to be so lame?
‘Cause I don’t ever wanna have to be the same
Why would anybody go through all this pain?
You look like you’re just about to go insane, you do

Tell me what’s your story
Why are you so sorry?
Track Name: Dirty Fingernails
Everything changes in a week,
in a day, in a minute
I don't know how to make plans anymore

If I do they never come
And God, I hate a change of plans
Who do you think you are?
What gives you the right to make me cry?
Today of all the days
When the rain that falls tells us there's nothing going on

You said you were coming to find me
But I'm still lost
Now I have to find my own way home
All I wanted was someone to walk with

If I do they never come
And God, I hate a change of plans
We didn't have to get it on
I thought we could just have some fun

I'm not saying it's a good idea
I think it is, but what if that's all it is?
Maybe that's all it is
Just a nice idea

Doesn't seem like such a bad idea
I hope it's not, but what do we do without?
What do I do without it?
I want to go back
Track Name: Worst Case Scenario
Your best won't do
Your best won't do
Give it all you got, it won't do
No reward, no satisfaction
You've got everything to lose

When he gets home, his cake is gone
When he wakes up, his mind is gone
All that could go wrong
Has gone wrong

He'll never know what he's missing
But you know exactly what you're missing
Never stop clenching your fists
Eyes shut so tight, shut so tight

Switch the light on, switch it off
You never wake up, the top never stops
You can't tell the time
Or how you got here

They won't sell but there is someone
Someone willing to buy the whole lot
Say your sorries, what's done is done
Feign ignorance and apologize

Your best won't do
Your best won't do
Track Name: Officially Not Funny Anymore
She wears her boots with no socks on
Never walks on the sidewalk
Stretches out her arms for balance
Not to fall off the curb

Talks to herself for practice
on how to tell others off
Instead of looking for shelter
when it rains she wanders on

Down by the river, ever so blue
I heard them talking to you
Fixing the ceiling with scissors and glue
I saw them coming for you

Locked herself out again
always, every other day
Lost her wallet, has no change
every time she does the same
Track Name: Good Enough
If it gets colder before it gets hot
If it rains instead of not
If I leave or if I stay
If the day is dark and gray
It's okay

Nothing is good enough
But everything is alright
We have nothing to worry about
There is nothing to worry about

If the morning brings us showers
If there is drizzle up on flowers
If we can't leave the bed, we can't get up
And the rain doesn't seem to stop
It's not our fault

Hold the wall
Hold the wall that's cracking around us
Let it go, let it go
Pieces are falling apart all around us